News 2023

November –

Oval Edge Form XXI, a bronze from Kavanagh’s Oval Edge Form series, was installed on the terrace of a New York apartment where floor-to-ceiling glass walls enable viewing it from all interior rooms.


October –

Two of Kavanagh’s carvings from her Ancient Musings series inspired by carvings of mid-Neolithic to early Bronze Age people living between the Danube river valley and the Mediterranean from 5200-1200 BCE, were sold to collectors in New York and Westport.  According to archaeologists, the surroundings and societies of these people were bequests of a Mother Goddess who governed all aspects of their lives.  The hieroglyphs they carved were components of a complete ideological system that survived well into the early Christian era.  As a modernist sculptor, Kavanagh was intrigued by how “modern” their iconography appears.


FERTILITY – Snakes winding across double eggs symbolize nuclear life force and coming into being within a swirling cosmos.                          


REGENERATION – This mandala evokes the lunar cycle and the regenerative role of the Mother Goddess in the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth.

September –

From August 30 to September 30, Graham Shay 1857, the oldest and one of the most prestigious fine art galleries in New York, hosted a solo exhibition of Kavanagh’s Oval Edge Form series sculptures surrounded by modernist paintings and detailed in the digital catalog below. Beautifully installed, the show was extensively promoted on the Internet by online retailers like ARTSY and Galleries Now, broadening awareness of Kavanagh’s artistic talent to a new level among art-knowledgeable collectors.


Visit the catalog here

August –

Jane Beiles, a photographer who has documented several of Kavanagh’s shows, is publishing what she has titled: A PICTURFUL PLANNER FOR INSPIRATION AND ORGANIZATION. The planner includes two of Kavanagh’s bronze sculptures from her AfterMoore series. The planner will be released for holiday gift-giving no later than December 1st for sale on Amazon, select local retailers and through


January – February –

Kavanagh’s first stone carving in her AfterMoore series was exhibited at the Washington Art Association’s Member’s Show, January 14 – February 12, 2023. The Washington Art  Association is located at 4 Bryan Memorial Plaza, Washington Depot, CT 06794.  The two-part sculpture was carved from two triangular-shaped blocks of Brazilian steatite, each weighing about 280 lbs. and mounted on an Absolute Black granite base.  The sculpture measures 22”L x 13”W x 13 ½”H.